Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kukaniloko on the Ewa plain

On the Ewa plain, the Kukaniloko birthing stones are where the ali’I of the islands wished to be born. I first visited them almost 30 years ago when they were almost buried in the middle of the pineapple fields and lost to the world. Now, with the resurgence of Hawaiian culture, the area has been cleaned up and people come to pay their respects. I wandered among the stones in the distance, envisioning the Ali’i camped around the perimeter awaiting the arrival of the child. Many Japanese tour busses pulled up while I was there, one man catching my attention in particular. He placed an offering on one stone that was being used as an altar and sank to his knees in front of it. I had never seen a man pray so reverently. Gods, if the man wants to be a father so badly, I hope you hear and grant him his wish.

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